Hyundai Kona is the SUV unlike any other in its segment. On the outside you notice its complete redesign; bolder with bolder, sharper lines for a sporty and sophisticated style. Part of the appeal of the new Kona lies in the new protective panels and the central grille, giving it a more powerful visual impact. But it's also a hybrid vehicle, introducing a new era for the Korean brand.

Interior space is as expected for a vehicle of its dimensions: 4.2 metres long, 1.8 metres wide and 1.56 metres high. It rises 16 cm off the ground and the wheelbase is 2.6 metres. This SUV rivals others in its category, such as Kia's Niro and the Honda HRV.

Engine: Power and efficiency

Hyundai Kona meets the growing demand for high-performance and sustainable vehicles by responding with 48-volt hybrid powertrains, which help reduce CO2 emissions and optimise fuel consumption. The petrol engine is 1.6 litre, direct injection and develops 103.5 hp with a torque of 145 Nm. The electric motor develops 43 hp and 170 Nm. They are coupled to a 6-speed automatic gearbox. Although the operation of both engines alternates depending on the needs of the road, combined they achieve 139 hp and up to 265 Nm.

Image Source Hyundai Global

The new Kona SUV recharges the battery without the need to plug in, thanks to the regenerative system when braking and decelerating, assisted by the fuel engine, which alternates with the electric motor to charge the 1.56 kW/h electric accumulator connected to a 240-volt grid. On the Limited version, you can adjust the energy retention level of the electric regeneration system from the paddles behind the steering wheel when the vehicle is in ECO mode.

The new Hyundai Kona comes with improved suspension and steering for the benefit of the driver. The ride feels smooth and offers more control on the road.

Exterior: Stands out thanks to its sofisticated styling.

Image Source Hyundai Global

The Hyundai Kona SUV was designed to stand out. Its design is based on the new "Sensuous Sportiness" graphic language, so we have a modern front end with two-level headlights, leaving the LED daytime above and the main headlights below.

Connectivity and comfort come together

A spacious and comfortable cabin is the first thing you notice when you enter the Hyundai Kona Hybrid. Its design matches the exterior and highlights the dashboard with energy flow indicator between the engines.

The multimedia centre sits on the centre console and is operated from a floating touchscreen. You get traditional connectivity functions such as Bluetooth, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay; all of which can be operated wirelessly.